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Benefits of Catcher Roll-Downs

Open Air Bars, Restaurants, Events, Balconies & Lanais.

  • Extend Your Seasons
  • Reduce Cancelations
  • Saves on Energy & Maintenance Costs
  • Protect from Storms & Hurricanes
  • Insurance Premium Reduction
  • Reduce Downtime & Cancelations Due to Inclement Weather.
  • Keeps Area Cool or Warm Depending on Time of Seasons.
  • Area can be Heated or Cooled.
  • Protects from Wind, Rain, Wind Blown Debris & Sand.
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  • Filters Incoming Sunlight & Reduces Solar Heat Gain as much as 82%.
  • Keeps Area Cool or Warm Reducing Air Conditioning & Heating Costs.
  • Keeps Area Clear of Rain, Dust & Debris, Reducing Maintenance


  • Storm Tested & Approved Protection.
  • Florida Building Code Approved (FL-11291-R4)
  • Texas Dept. of Insurance Approved (SHU-136)
  • Insurance Premium Reduction. (Check with Your Insurance Carrier)
  • Withstands Hurricane Force Winds & Impact from Flying Debris.
  • Highly Effective, Aesthetically Pleasing Protection.
  • Protects the Building Envelope.
  • Always in Place, Ready for Use All Day, Everyday.
  • 5 Standard Screen Colors & 4 Powder Coated Aluminum Colors. (Optional Powder Coated Aluminum Colors Available)
  • Easily Operated Manually or Electrically with Push of a Button.
  • Can be Operated from Inside or Outside.
  • Allows Natural Light to Illuminate Room.
  • Offers Privacy from the Outside While Not Compromising Scenic View.
  • Light-Weight Affordable Alternative to Aluminum Roll Down.
  • Avoids Cave-Like Feeling Aluminum & Steel Shutters Produce.